Dvala sheets

If you look for affordable Ikea sheets then you have to see Dvala sheet set. Dvala sheets are one of the cheapest you can get at Ikea but you will still be satisfied with it when you see it in a store or after sleeping in your bed.

Dvala sheets are also available in four different sizes. The sizes are regular: twin, queen, king and full size. Make sure you check what king of size do you need before you head to Ikea store so you will buy the right size for you.

The price of Dvala sheet set depends on the size of your bed. You will pay $19.99 for the smallest one – twin and $39.99 for the biggest one – king size.

Dvala sheets are made out of cotton – 100%. Special procedure is used to use 15% less cotton for the same quality of fabric. 144 threads per square inch.

Colors of Dvala sheet sets

Dvala is avaialble in seven different colors:

  • white
  • dark blue
  • beige
  • bright green
  • red
  • dark gray
  • black

Another useful thing about these sheets is that their fitted sheets have elastic corners which make them fit better and easier to stay in the right position. The sheet set has one fitted and one normal sheet and or two pillow cases (it depends on the size you choose to buy). Fitted sheet can be used with up to 10″ thick mattresses.

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